First I'm not so good at English, but I hope you understand what I'm writing.

Here we have a bluebell.
 I have use psp 9and preset shapes.
 I have tried to explain how to use Node Edit.

We begin I think, but first of all

Open an Image 250 x 250 with black background, then we can better see the white lines.
 We delete it later.

Set forgroundcolor to white and backgroundcolor to # 6292CE.
Go to Preset Shape /Ellipse with this settings::
Ellipse - show Nodes - Create as Wector - Width 1

Draw an oval in middle.

Right click one of nodes and choose Convert to Path:

Place mouse on lower node and pull it a little down:

Right click Layer and choose Convert to Raster Layer.


Draw a new Ellipse next to the other:

ChooseObject Selection Tool

Then you have this

Pull a little upp and move to top.

Choose Ellipse Tool

Rightclick node and choose Convert to Path
Now you can draw it out a little

Convert to Raster Layer.
Move these layer down

Rightclick layer and choose Duplicate.

Merge down, once more
Now we have to layers, one for background and  one for flower.

Now we are going to make leavs on top.

Set  backgroundscolor to  #075907
Preset shapes.
Draw a litte ellipse on top of flower

Object Selection Tool turn it a little up.
Back to Ellipse Tool , Click one of the node, Convert to Path and shape it:

Convert to Raster layer.
Layers duplicat and Image/mirror .
Merge down. Move under Flower Layer

New Leavs. You are on Layers for first leavs . Ellipse Tool . Draw out a new leav
Convert to Path and shape it a little:.

Convert to Raster Layer.
Layers/Duplicate, Image /Mirror
Merge Down.

Make upper layer visible. With Prest Shape/Ellipse make
an ellipse on top.

Now we are going to draw a white line in flowers
We use Pen Tool/Draw Lines Width 1.
Forground white anfd Background closed.
Draw from middle of flowers  and down.

Next Paint Brush Size 6, hardness 90. Make 3. dots and then with Pen Tool
Size 1. lines betwiin dot and flower.

Now we are ready with Bluebell.
Then we can delete black layer and then Merge Visible.
Save Bluebell as Tube.

Now you can make a stalk and put on some bluebell.
Stalk done with Pen Tool size 3.
Flowers on each Layer and rotate to satisfied


I hope it's being OK. and you understand my english.
 If there are things you dont understand let me know. Please
mail me.