It's SPRING, when you can buy primrose.
It's in the shops just after christmas in different color, just to be in good humour.
Are you glad in primrose too, then you have the tut here.
It's make by selection
here in this zip-fil.
 Make a folder in your Psp folder and open it there.
Thenput it in Psp's Selection Folder
 I have use Psp 9, but other versions would work .

We begin with an Image 150 x 150 transparent.


New layer,call it flower.
You can use what color you want, but I use #ebca45.
Go to Selections / Load from Disk. and find the folder where you put the selfiles.
Open the flower file. Fill with your color.
New Layer
Go to Effects / 3D effects / Cut Out with these settings:

Merge Down.


New layer, middle.
 Foreground #008000. Open middle file. Fill,

New layer, middle 2.
Foreground #004000. Use Paintbrush size 10.

Put a little bit color in the middle:

Go to Effects / Blur / Gaussian Blur set to 3.

New layer, contour.
 Foreground #493F13, background closed.
Use Pen Tool , freehand , size 1,5


and make some lines like this:

Then Gaussian Blur set to 1


New layer, shadow.
 Foreground #e17731. Use Paintbrush with these settings:

Paint round the middle :

Then go to Smudge Brush


with these settings

Do some coats from the middle and out .
Be careful and take your time, It can be a bit difficult.
When you are satisfied it may be look a little like this:

Merge visible all layers and save as a tube.
I have a tut about how to save as a tube, if you dont know. It is


New Image 150 x 150 transparent.

New layer, leave.
 Foreground #046604. Open leave file. Fill,
New Layer - Cut Out

Merge Down

New layer, veins.
Foreground #004000. Open veins file. Fill.
Maybe use zoom.

Merge visible all layers and save as a tube.

Now we are making the pot for the flowers.

New Image 400 x 400 transparent.


New layer, pot.
 Foreground #905252. Open pot file and fill.
New Layer -Cut Out but set
 Blur 37
and color #342222.

Merge Down


New layer, rim.
Foreground #5e3c3c. Open rim file and fill.


New layer, inside.
 Foreground #905252. Open inside file. Fill.

New layer, bottom.
 Foreground #5e3c3c. Open botom file and fill.


New layer, dekor.
 Foreground #5e3c3c, background closed.
Use Pen Tool  size 3, freehand line and choose linestyle arrowhead-ball.

Paint dekor on the pot.

Merge visible all layers and call it pot.

Now we will fill the pot with flowers.
 Make a new layer for every flowers and leaves, then you can move and rotate it.
Open picture tube:

and sett scale to 60, 70 or 80.
You have to try and rotate the leaves from Image / rotate.
Here are my result:

You can try with different color. Here some examples:


It's my hope that you have got the spring in your house now and enjoy it.
Thanks for using my tutorial.