Her are my snowdrop. I made it in a frame. It's the first flower coming up after the winter.
I have use Psp 9 and it's done by selections, which you find
But other versions should work.

In Texture/Sculpture I use a pattern called Feather, it's here

Open it and put it in Psp's pattern folder.
For the background in the frame I use this:

If you want the background then right click on it and save to your snowdropfolder in Psp.
 Selections from zip-file, you put in PSP's selection folder.

Now we begin with the first snowdrop.
 We make an new Image 150 x 150 transparent.
New layer, name it flower 1.
 Sett foreground to white.
 Go to Selection / load from disk and find the folder where you open the selections file.
 Open the flower 1 file. Fill with white.
 Go to Selection /Effects / 3D effects / Drop Shadow and use these settings:

Drop Shadow once more, but change vertical and horizont. to -1.


New layer, flower 2.
 Open the flower 2 file. and do the same as for flower 1.


Right click layer flower 2 and choose duplicate.
Then go to Image / Mirror, may be, you have  to use the mover
to place it.


New layer, top.
 Set foreground to #076707. Open top file and fill.
 Drop shadow as flower.
Maybe you have to move it a little.

Now we have done the first flower

Merge visible all layers and save as a tube.
 If you dont know how to save as a tube, I had write a tutorial to show it, here.

Now we make flower 2.

New Image 150 x 150 transparent


New layer, middle.
Sett foreground to #e38539. Open middle file and fill.
 Drop shadow

once more with v. and h. -1



New layer, flower 3.
Foreground white. Open flower 3 file and fill.
 Drop shadow as befor.


New layer, flower 4.
 Open flower 4 file. Fill,
Drop shadow as befor.


New layer, flower 5.
Open flower 5 file. Fill,
DropShadow as befor.


New layer, top.
Foreground #076707. Open top 2 file. Fill,
Drop Shadow as flower.

Now we have this:

Merge visible and save as a tube.

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