New image 95 x 120 transparent

Layer 1, body. Color #FADC9A. Find the folder where you open the selections-file and open body-file. Fill. Go to Selection/Float. Effect/3Deffects/CutOut with these settings:

Repeat cutout but sett Vertical and horizontal to -1.

New layer, wing. color, float and cutout as body (just 1 time), Sett V. and H. to -2. Deselect.

New layer, beak. Color #F1AC5B. Open beak file and fill. Float and Cut out. Sett V. -1 and H. 1, blur 5 and color #E78721.
On same layer, make a line on the beak (mouth), color #E8882A and use Draw size 1.

New layer, feet. Color #F1AC5B. Open feet file and fill.

New layer, Color #AA6112. Use Airbrush size 1. Zoom up and make some lines:

Go to Effect/Blur/Gaussian Blur and sett to 1. OK.

New layer eye. Color black. Use Airbrush size 6 and make a dot. Go to Effect/3Deffects/Innerbewel and use Psp's Round. OK.

Here we have the chicken:

Merge visible and save as tube. Minimer

Now the eggs.
New image 95 x 120 transparent.

Close foreground and sett background to white. Use Preset shape, elipse. Antialias and Create as Vector hug. Make a ellipse. Go to object selector:

choose node edit:

Pull the top node a little up and push node in bottom a little up:

Go to Layers/Convert to Raster layer. Selection/Selection all/Float. then Cut Out as befor but sett V. and H. to -2, color #C0C0C0.

Resize 75%. Save as tube and minimer.

New image 90 x 90 transparent.
Color #0B770B. Open leaf file and fill. Float and cut out. sett V. 3 and H. 5, blur 23,8 and color #004000. Repeat cut out but sett V. -3 and H. -5.
On the same layer. color #004000. Use Draw, freehand size 1. Make some lines:

Save as tube, minimer

Now we make the picture.

Maksimer Nest image or open the image from zip-file. Active upper layer. Maksimer Egg image, go to Edit/copi. Activ Nest image Paste as New layer. Layers/duplicat this layer twice, now we have 3 layers with egg. Rotate and perhaps resize some. Place it.

Now the Chicken. Minimer chicken image Edit/copi. Active Nest image Paste as a New layer, place it. Layers/duplicate and Image/mirror, move these layer behind upper layer. Place it.
Open Leaf image. Edit Copi. Active Nest image, Paste as a New image. Layers/duplicate so many you want. Rotate and perhaps resize some one. Place them ,move some of the layerbehind Nest layer:

Her I have use my Blue anemone, from these tutorials:

I hope you like these tutorials. If you have trouble mail me.

These tutorials made by me
10. March 2004